Digital to Analog

It was totally not a straight way to arrive indexcard. In fact, I had struggled. I have tried a lot of media before introducing indexcard.

Long time I had believed that the digital medias are the best to process information around me from viewpoint of “searching”. While I had wrote my journal of my life and work on a notebook.

From my experience of the long wandering in digital world, I understand the hand-writing on paper is suit for me. I arrived analog world at last. Even after I start to use indexcard, I tried several formats.

  • Indexcard 5×3 ruled (2005.7-2005.8)
  • Indexcard B6 ruled (2005.8-2006.2)
  • Keynote with Indexcard B6 Theme (2005.2006.4)
  • Indexcard 5×3 section (2006.2 – 2006.5)
  • Indexcard 5×3 section + Fieldnote (2006.5 – Present)

Finally I understand 5×3 quadrille Indexcard is the best for me. I use it for 11 month now, and I feel really comfortable.

Revised : 2006.12.30 12:38 6 months -> 11 months
Revised : 2006.11.26 some links are added
Revised : 2006.11.04

One thought on “Digital to Analog

  1. Den Zendzian

    IMHO the computer (even the Mac, which is great) has unfortunately become something of a distraction machine. Good that you’ve put it at the back of the desk, that’s where it belongs. The Internet has made this distraction aspect much worse, always another web page to surf to and meanwhile you forget your train of thought. The beauty of Hawk’s system is the quiet focus engendered by tactile, aural feedback (pen and card, sound of card dropping into dock, etc.) Qualitatively, this completely changes the ideational dynamics.

    If the computer is a “box,” the PoIC/43Tabs helps enable the proverbial “Thinking Outside of the Box” which many people talk about, few people actually do.


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