Writing environment, actually

To install the PoI system, all you need is

Surprised? :) There is no computer, no printer, no templates. It’s totally analog system.

According to your progress, you will want to add some options. For very first time, however, you only need four items above. If you are interested in this system, and just want to see and try how this work, I recommend you to use plain indexcard for a while. It is available anywhere. If you find an appropriate box, your total initial investment to introduce this system won’t cost much more than $5.

This is extremely simple system. And the simplicity keeps this system rigid.

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5 thoughts on “Installation

  1. Marc

    Instead of pens, I bought a box of 144 pre-sharpened golf pencils, and left a bunch of them in places I am likely to be (on my desk at home, on my desk at work, in my jacket pocket, in my satchel, etc.). They are small enough to fit in a pocket, and I never worry about losing them.

  2. Prof. Colin Talbot

    Hi all,

    I use 6×4 cards which allows me to also use an A6 hardcover note book – I simply cut out the pages, tape up the cut edges, and then I have an empty cover into which I slot a supply of cards – these I secure with either a rubber band or a bull-dog clip. I carry around a couple of these so I can jot down ideas: when I return to based I simply slot them into my ‘docks’ (in this case mainly one I’m using for writing a book).

    Thanks for all the ideas on this site. Domo arigato!


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