I use Correct's Indexcard 1. Record Card Writing environment, actually Correct's Indexcard Dock : Front Gene of my life

Hello there! My name is Hawk Sugano. I have been introducing my information handling method on the flickr. Here I would like to describe some more detailed methodology.

Through out this blog, I introduce some simple principles to keep stress-free accumulation of information by using Index Cards and a box called “Dock“. I call it “Pile of Index Cards“, or more simply “PoIC“. As a number of cards grow, the system become own knowledge database. Then we are ready to reproduce higher wisdom.

I write this blog not in Japanese, my mother language, but in English because I would like to share information and experience with people all around the world. Comment, question, suggestion on my flickr pictures, blog articles, and wiki is all time welcome.

I’m happy if I could provide you some hints and tips to improve your daily life! :)

Hawk Sugano a.k.a hawkexpress

11 thoughts on “Introduction

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  3. Den Zendzian

    PoIC/43Tabs is the Citroën 2CV of organisation:

    1. Inexpensive
    2. Simple, focused, essential
    3. Low maintenance, reliable, robust
    4. Better mileage (productivity)
    5. You either love it, or you don’t understand it

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  5. Greg

    The marks on the upper left side of the cards are a quick reference to identify the four types of cards (i.e., Record, Discovery, GTD, and Cite/Reference) used in this system.

  6. Andrew

    Thank you for sharing. I like this concept to unite every data types I generate. I used index cards for research only, but after a few thousand of them I suffer being unable to find something in particular.

  7. Rajan

    Hi, I want to use PoIC . I want to purchase entire setup with dock and index cards. How to get it? I searched online but couldnt get it? Prompt reply will be appreciated.

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