Two way of taking Reference Card

Reference : @blog, How to take Reference Card

Since last post about Reference Card, I have concentrated to take it actually.

I took Reference Card mainly from books nearly 200 in two weeks. I found two way of taking Reference Card is quite possible. And we can choose one of them according to circumstances.

Taking Reference Card,

(a) While reading.
It interrupt reading, but give some time to think about a topic. This is good for reading like a technical book or textbook. That is, serious case.

(b) After reading.
It doesn’t interrupt reading. This is good for book like hobby and self-help. That is, relaxed case. This is also a case Watanabe pointed out.

Intermediate is also possible. Taking card while reading, but after finish a chapter, for example.

My case, I usually read general book in a subway, so it is force interrupted after 40 minutes every time. So when I found a paragraph I like, I leave brief memo on the book directly by pencil. After I arrive to office, take some minutes to make Reference Cards. I use the memo as a title of the Reference Card. For reading technical book, I use (a).

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