Write Room : An electric typewriter

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I’ve been using vim and TextMate for text editing on Mac OS X. I like their simplicity and robustness.

Recently, I found yet another interesting text editor. It is Write Room which emulate old fashioned electric typewriter on Mac OS X. It remind me of the movie “Stand by Me” (1986) : At the end of the movie, middle aged Gordie uses such kind of typewriter.

Today, a computer’s desktop contains too much information enough to spoil writing mood. Folders, browsers, scattered files. The Write Room, however, only displays black screen and green letters (of course, the colors are customizable). It is good to reduce emvironmental entropy.

I think this fits to a philosophy of the PoIC. :)

# It is quite possible to use the vim and TextMate like the Write Room. But only Write Room can input Japanese without trouble among them.

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4 thoughts on “Write Room : An electric typewriter

  1. chrisb

    Emacs is another text editor which can be used in full screen mode with no distracting graphics, foreground and background which you choose. It can also do kanji-hiragana-katakana for input.

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