– Brain Storming
– Mind Map
– KJ Method
– PoIC

I found they have something in common. What is that? :P

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  1. Hawk Post author


    Very good point :)

    Further, something progress behind the scene. What is the “something”.

  2. Jeffrey

    I am just guessing, but, initially there may be a flurry of diverging ideas (entropy?), but, then as ideas build on each other more organization? And then more divergence….in a cycle.
    Entropy is the “something.” ?

  3. Hawk Post author

    >>Jeffrey and chrisb

    Great! The answer is behavior of “entropy”. Chrisb, your answer is on the path, too. :)

    One more step further. Perhaps this is little difficult.
    Something other makes different them each other. And it makes us blind from the similarity. What is the something?

  4. Jeffrey

    Another guess…..
    Each uses a different protocol to encourage the flow of ideas. That protocol influences the outcome.

    With PoIC the mind just flows, the ideas are recorded and then forgotten.

    In the others, the mind is being influenced by other minds which are involved in protocol. The protocol itself affects the ideas that are forthcoming.

    I am not familiar with all of the other protocols mentioned in the initial question, my answer reflects that ignorance.

  5. Hawk Post author


    Yes, a protocol is different. It is one possible answer.

    But I expect different one ; it can be represented in a single word. :)

  6. Jeffrey

    I am going to use the system (as I understand it). I don’t know the answer.

    I am trying too hard, so, I have placed the question on a GTD card.

    I am going to stop thinking about it and give my CPU some peace.

  7. Anonymous

    One word…. writing

    All of them require you to write down things. In your brain that idea could be ethereal and vague. Writing it down may be forcing you to make some mental decisions. It needs t be expressed with signs ( Signs could be another one word answer ).

    It will be nice to know the “official” answer.


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