Reading environment

This week, I spend most of time in library. I escape from computer, like a children run away from home. Morning to night. I spend whole day by reading in library. Long time I forget this comfortable atmosphere.

I found some things good to keep reading, around desk and environment.

– High desk
– Footrest
– Fluorescent lamp
– High Roof
– People

High desk keep book close to eyes. Mine is too low for reading since it is optimized for typing keyboard. The footrest is good for long-time sitting. I found lamp is important for reading. Incandescent lamp in my room is dark for reading. High roof is good for thinking because one look up while thinking. Every people in a library are reading and studying. Sharing common experience in common place. This is good to motivate myself.


One thought on “Reading environment

  1. Den Zendzian

    I know a Hungarian living here in Benicia, California. He calls our local library the “Temple,”–he comes to “worship” knowledge. Hawk, you speak the truth.


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