Card for Want-To-Do task

Following lyrics by Enigma suggests there are two kinds of “To-Do” in fact ; want-to-do and have-to-do.

“If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry”

I have been using GTD cards for all “to-do” task. The GTD cards is used for “have-to-do” task most of time in my case. It means I have been lacking a way to express “want-to-do” task!

A problem with GTD cards is “have-to” or “want-to” cannot be distinguished only from the check-box icon. In addition, most of time, the icon makes me feel “I have-to-do” even it is “I want-to-do”. As a result, I feel registance even “I want-to-do”.

I have noticed “want-to-do” task is more dominant in my personal productivity. Also I convert “have-to-do” into “want-to-do” by using simple alchemy to motivate myself sometime.

I must express “want-to-do” somehow. Then I should introduce new kind with new icon? I don’t think so. I would like to keep system simple. Such “want-to-do” task always comes to my mind as light bulb in my experience. So I can extend usage of Discovery cards. I combine it with open-loop to emphasis “I want to do this!”.

Open-loop in second tag (third block) means “Want-To-Do” task. In case I want to do a task as soon as possible, I rise the card in the dock like this picture. After finish the task, the loop is closed. Then it become usual Discovery Cards.


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