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  1. Hawk Post author


    Hello there!

    I’ve never used NotationalVelocity, yet. I’ve heard some of japanese index cards users reported “Evernote” is good for index cards-like use on computer.

    Digital or analog, I’m o.k. whichever. But I think I need a flexibility of analog (paper) to build up a solid foundation of organizing things. And once I get it, I can apply it to anything else.

  2. Carlos


    Mr. Hawk. I was introduced to the index card world by your posts and i’m grateful for that.

    1) My system is a hybrid one: Chronological order using text files (Jedit text editor macro to timestamp each entry) and Freeplane .mm mind map xml files. I use a tagging system similar to:
    Academic notes in one big text file + tag clouds | 43 Folders

    For binary media i use chronological named folders. Using ubuntu gnome-search for binary media searching, and Jedit built-in search or custom ack-grep based scripts to search text files (also works on .mm xml ones).

    2) Chronological paper based index card system just like PoIC, but with a twist. In a notetaking trail (session) only the first card of the sequence is timestamped to allow proper trail placement in the cardbox stack, the other cards follow a numerical order sequence similar to Luhmann’s zettelkasten, this arrangement allows for easy non-linear notetaking.

    A running index of [2] (paper system] is kept in [1] text files. Timestamps+(numerical sequence) allows cross-referencing between [1] and [2].

    Best regards,


  3. Olaf B

    Hello Hawk!

    Read your wiki with great delight and picked up some very nice ideas. I would be *extremely* interested about your experience over the years. Do you still capture everything on cards? Have you ever looked on retired cards? Have you modified your habits? The reason I ask is this: I use my cards for writing. The writing gets done, so the cards do their job. But I can’t help feeling that I am missing on so many cards and so many connections between them. So I am always obsessed about hearing new ideas.

    My system is even simpler than yours. My main box has room for about 2000 slips of paper. I throw everything into it, newest first. But I don’t keep them in that order: once I have pulled out some cards (a query, you might say), I keep them together and put them together in the front.

    Over the years I have tried numerous note taking applications (and even created a home brew system in Emacs): powerful, searchable, tag-able and copy-and-past-able. I have also used notebooks, which are the most aesthetically pleasing (for me) and the most simple solution. But I have always returned to index cards (or rather, slips of paper), because nothing beats the flexibility: taking a pack of them anywhere, laying them out on a table, comparing and rearranging them, inserting new slips, making connections.


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