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This manual introduces how to organize your life using cards. In building the card system, I incorporated many ideas, hacks, and tips from Japanese four productivity books written in the 1960s and 1970s (Umesao, Kawakita, Watanabe, Itasaka). These books can be regarded as "classics" for the digital age. There was no cool word such as "life hack" or "hipster PDA" in those days. However, they contained much knowledge and wisdom still valid to day. For processing tasks, my work largely relies on David Allen's "Getting Things Done (GTD)". The PoIC is an interpolation and extrapolation of the GTD. I'm on the shoulder of these pioneers. I respect their great works.

A discussion about index cards with Josh DiMauro, Dave Gray (CEO of XPLANE), Edward Vielmetti, Jamie Parks, and RJStew at Flickr was helpful for me. I thank Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner for advising me to start blog.

Special thanks to Erik Luden for help with blogging, hosting server and domain, and the PoIC as well. My blog and this wiki wouldn't be realized without his advice. I appreciate Jeniffer, Sarah, Felix, Abdulla, Rick, and Jeevs for their comments on my blog. Their comments polish up the PoIC as well as encourage me to write the blog. Robert Brook gave me the chance to go to Creative Commons. It helps to spread index cards in the community. I thank Leopard, Gregkise, John, Ayalan, David, and Alina Mikadze for reports about index cards in the world. Their reports provide information about various index cards. I appreciate from my heart all help by editors of this site.

Finally, I express my gratitude for all anonymous people of the "Talk about Information Cards 2" thread, stationery board, on the 2-channel. The PoIC was born through discussions in this thread. I received much useful commentary, advice, and encouragement for the Japanese localization of this manual. I cannot help feeling their volunteer spirit and enthusiasm for maximizing productivity.

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