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Naping holding the hands of expensive things, I go all out to the irrigation of the stomach, the bodyguards who were early to Xianguaibuguai, relax in the sitting Yishengbuhang.

These guys were older than me how many big deal, it is well-known cold-blooded, each of the army special forces are in 1000 in one of the top pick.

Proficient in all kinds of fighting, guns, and be good at camouflage, tracking, even including the kidnapping. . .

Best at the possible identity or conceal, or in Mongolia's Baotou Youyanwuzhu how I will Hunhun them as a group of street, was also the 'warm' retention, Chengxiongdaodi until I come to find her father? »

I cracked the Dengzhe they each lost 99.9 percent of the spirit of me, only my eyes that I had only the pride, with great knowledge and Venerable ago before they know the modified, often let me Shengnu at hand can not use the eyes of others killed were Bansi.

But I do see a smile. . .

For those who Miss door, even my eyes are not a Qiaoguo them, although I now be regarded as a Huangyin kid, but for these women to earn money by Zise There is no good, the money will go to bed, where there are What sense to speak of conquest »

But in my eyes so much of mass destruction remain a smile, I can not help on the front of this woman Lingyankandai up.

She carefully read Jiyan, not age, just a bit thick powder, do not see how the character, Yao Zhi small, chest fullness is very strong, although do not know whether the recent popular that the so-called 'magic bra' , But now appears to bear considerable indeed Weiwei, the overall rating is also the operator of the Shangpin.

A hook hand, I recently from the yellow boil stood up, reached around me, I asked a few bow, he immediately left out.

This kind of thing they do not often do (I have never been brought women out of the nightclub overnight), of course, these smart guys is how to vent their peacetime, I do not know of. Anyway, a short while, Mama Sang Wong was boiling attempted a come.

Indeed attempted by the word than theRunescape Powerleveling word to more suitable Lou, two meters in height fast Huang boil arms, Mama Sang like a chicken on the general helplessness.

I used Shouyi Zhi opposite the girls, their faces no facial expression, this is only the original transaction Why should I waste a smile.

"I want to take her away how much money, open a price."

"The son Columbia, I have also said that with your friends, we Mayfair is not introduced, she was a child then, I want to help you-for-one, Aiyo..."

Heard his bones were boiled Lou Huang Ge Ge do the ring, Mama Sang could not call upon it.

"Nothing has value, you need to Yaoduoshaoqian and I said, even if this ratio is also expensive bottles of wine, as long as I think you value your values."

Mama Sang and too lazy to re-nonsense, I go back to watching the girls, said the cold, hands the bottle to Huang You can not.

Strange. . . This girl told me how Shiruo not, with my eyes only the hands of the bottle sloshing »

I can not help to the upper Cou, the first in her chest hard to Niele Yi, starting with strong and flexible, really really goods, feel good.

Cou then in her ears, Gangxiang talking about, every thought that girls are Rumengchuxing general, shouted out, I single-handedly holding down the unrest at hand, I single-handedly in the face to grasp.

Cubujifang, I suddenly oozed from the face of the Silk blood, which also, a few guys immediately Shangcuan up from the sofa, Chaozhao the hands of various bottle smashed girls continue to Wang Na.

These guys were with me six months time, no other mixed debut Road, on those in the military suppressed for a long time hooligans Pixing I have all been dug up.

Think about is, these military Runescape Goldelements in the Jiaojiao, which is also true Anfen guy, I really have to read Anfen of the University.

Bai Baishou gently, to stop them from the arms out of a handkerchief to wipe the face of the minor wounds.

I am not that strong with the people, even if only a dancer also eligible to make her own choices.

Go back to her gently smile, eyes full of stubborn Bufen and her slightly Yizheng.

Pay and leave.

I have implied in the law of Tantric smile, even if I now only of the spirit than most people on a little strong, this ordinary woman of mass destruction still in doubt.

She never forget.

Tomorrow will be the new life, now this has been the erosion of my anesthesia, is really looking forward to. . .

Wang Badan until it was eating tofu, Mayfair only to wake up.

That disturbed the chest came at the hands of the heat, let her brain a while Mihu, sitting here in the 2002 Taiwan, a self-protection of their own will not be a man so affectionate touch too.

Until the hands of the more dishonest forced kneading, only to wake up his Mayfair was Zhanliaopianyi.

Press and hold that the primary concern of the devil at work, another hand Jiuwang Zhuaqu the face of the person, the flowers this life-a move 100 Test Braun never come to nothing.

Watching the guy on a rush-Bian Liaolian Forward, Mayfair Gangxiang proud of rejection get up out the door, next to those who do not take a night that word of the guys on the call stood up and everyone looking Xiong Xiang.

Bad, Mayfair mind straight Ta Kwu, to the people of this place, Sanjiaojiuliu there, he will not Reshang is what the leader of the underworld bar, but she has always been stubborn head Angqi E Henhen that the villain opposite Dengxiang .

Baishou guy actually thought there would be several other stop down, then bought a single-Excitement of the leave.

That guy left the smile, that strange Mouzi flashing in the strange glory. . . Mayfair suddenly find themselves a bit speed up the heartbeat. Mayfair skin excellent, but inevitably have to go to work in nightclubs whitewashing each time she will not wait to go home all the cosmetics of all Xishu clean.

Gently in front of the mirror shells of the faces of the small bombs Jiuwo, Mayfair of their revealing a bright smile, tomorrow, he will enter a new life.

In the light of the mirror surface to another one smile, Mayfair can not help blush, the chest that seems to heat up to now have not dissipated, a little pain, but with just another point.