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PoIC の地下実験室、兼、倉庫。




ウォール街での45年, W. D. ギャン

PoIC のサブタイトル

  • as a cultural genetic code (- 2008.1.20)
  • change the world by a pile of index cards! (2008.1.20 -)


iTunes プレイリスト

  1. Pinknoise, The Best of Bass 350, Bass 350.
  2. The Feeling Begins, Peter Gabriel, Passion - Music for "The Last Temptation of Christ" (Remastered)
  3. Jump, Van Halen, 1984 (Remastered)
  4. Popcorn, Marsheaux, E-Bay Queen
  5. I Feel Space, Lindstrøm, It's a Feedelity Affair
  6. Rez (1993), Underworld, Underworld 1992-2002
  7. The Test (Remastered), The Chemical Brothers, Singles 93 - 03
  8. Never Ending Story, Kajagoogoo & Limahl, The Very Best of Kajagoogoo and Limahl
  9. Orinoco Flow, Enya, Paint the Sky with Stars - The Best of Enya
  10. Adiemus, Karl Jenkins, The Essential Adiemus
  11. Chariots of Fire (2003 Re-Master), Vangelis, Odyssey - The Definitive Collection
  12. Koi, Kitaro, Kojiki
  13. Out From The Deep, Enigma, The Cross Of Changes


PoIC Oriented Software



  • EverNote Note taking, sketch (Info. by Trendycool, in personal comm.)


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