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Great habit of collection

Great habit of collection.

A start point of the PoIC is to collect our thought by using index cards.

Record Card first

I used to feel difficulty with start writing every single morning. Consciously or subconsciously, whatever. I used to spent long time to start writing with thinking "what I should write...". In terrible case, I couldn't write anything.

One day, I found there is a tip to overcome it. The answer is simple : just start writing. Anything is o.k. All I need is just pick up a pen and card, and start.

But same time, if I say "let's start writing", I feel a certain resistance. Rather, I say for myself "let's start from diary". More precisely, I start from a weather of the day, like "Fine", "Cloudy" etc. In Japanese, it is just two or three letters (晴れ or くもり). Then record what happen in the morning, say "got up 7:00" "arrive at office 8:30", on the same card. It's not difficult, too. Just describe without thinking. This card should be classified Record Card. This way, I fill a first card of the day.

Discovery Cards come next

In fact, a 5x3 index cards is too small to write all about the morning. So the diary is quite short, really just a record. My case I write the first card of the day at office. I get some ideas on a way office. While writing the diary, it triggers what I've been thinking. So just after the Record Card, I write the ideas on individual Discovery Cards. Sometime I take 30 minutes to do this. The idea is not only about work, but also about life. Because discovery generates new discovery. I call this as avalanche writing. An important thing is what trigger the avalanche is just a tiny record, diary.

I keep this habit on week day. Now I can say I'm a state of "Pavlov’s dog". When I sit down at office, I imediately pick up an index card, and write a diary. No effort, no resistance. A single Record Card + average five Discovery Cards. Over hundread index cards per month only with this. Now you won't surprise why my dock is filled by many index cards.

What triggers new card?

When writing indexcard, I found indexcard I just write (that is previous indexcard) triggers next indexcard (ref. article "Avalanche writing"). The new topic is sometimes related to the previous topic, but with some new idea is included.

What is important here is that the previous indexcard must be in my sight. It makes easy to trigger new idea. If I don't (or can't) see the card, the chain may be broken.

I had used the KM2P as indexcard holder. A problem, however, is that it is difficult to see inside the pockets.

Lately I start to use card stand to make indexcard stand and visible. In case I have to take indexcards I pick up indexcards from the stand and put it in the KM2P as before.